Saturday, 28 July 2018

Recent rain

Looking at last Friday's weather forecast on Thursday, I let out a cry of 'Fantastic!' The outlook suggested a 60% chance of rain. So welcome, so needed. Especially as the air on Thursday seemed extra close- windows that had never been opened were thrown wide that day. Doors were wedged wider, all in the hope of attracting the least through-breeze.

In the event, there was some rain on Thursday night, and lots of it on Friday morning in several downpours. And no grumbling from this spectator as it pooled on the laughable remains of the lawn.

Rain has a mixed reception in the faith; for the people of Noah's time ( Noah and his family excepted) it was a disaster. At other times the prophets speak of God's blessing as like rain; welcome, refreshing, nourishing, cooling us down. It depends on the context. It always does.

The faith, or rather its apprehension and application, needs a bit of 'nous ' to use a good northern word. A bit of guesswork, a bit of reflection, a bit of familiarity with the ways of God ; an understanding of context. A bit of 'wait and see ,' a bit of patience. A bit like Noah. A bit like us, sweltering in what seems unending heat and drought, longing for refreshing rain.

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